Food for IgA Nephritis Patients

Food for IgA Nephritis PatientsMany IgA Nephritis patients are concerned about the food for it can also assist the treatment, the principles of which go as follows:
First, limit of protein intake. If IgA Nephritis patients have too much protein, it will produce too much nitrogen waste after metabolism, which will load the kidney. If you have little urine, these wastes can’t be excreted out of the body, it will accumulate in the body, causing a series of symptoms of poisoning. Therefore, in the diet, you should avoid foods rich in protein, such as bean products. When the disease condition improves, you can increase protein intake properly.
Second, limit of salt and water. The patients with serious edema, hypertension, oliguria should have salt-free diet. And daily water intake shouldn’t be more than 800 to 1200 liters. At the same time, don’t eat pickled vegetables, pickles, salted egg, fermented bean curd, hot pickled mustard tuber that are rich in sodium. When swelling reduces, urine volume increases, the patients can have low salt diet, about 2 to 3 grams every day.
Third, you'd better eat light foods with diuretic and eliminating swelling effect, such as carp, crucian carp, ewe's milk, watermelon, white gourd, green bean, red bean and so on. The boiled water with watermelon rind has good diuretic effect.
Fourth, IgA Nephritis patients should eat foods rich in vitamins, such as fresh vegetables and fruits, which can not only supply a variety of vitamins, but also it can improve the recovery of renal function.
Lastly, rich vitamin is also necessary. This is summer, which can supply a variety of fruits which is fresh and can help the recovery of IgA Nephritis patients.
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