Can Ketosteril Cure Kidney Disease(Kidney Failure)

Ketosteril is used to cure kidney disease especially kidney failure in clinic in many areas. Kidney function can be tested by mainly three indexes which are: creatinine, blood urea nitrogen and urea acid. When kidney is damaged, the kidneys fail to filter blood normally as before. The metabolites of proteins—urea nitrogen will build up in blood thus causing high blood urea nitrogen (BUN) level. Ketosteril can utilize the urea in unessential amino acid which is acquired from foods thus reducing the synthesis of urea nitrogen in body. Therefore, it can reduce the metabolic products in blood and slow down the disease progression.
Ketosteril can also relieve azotemia, improve metabolic acidosis, supply necessary amino acid, improve the metabolism of proteinuria, reduce the resistance to insulin, improve the metabolism of sugar, improve the activity of lipoidase, improve the metabolism of fat, decrease the high phosphorus in blood, improve the low calcium in blood, deduce the secretion of protein, thus delaying the development of chronic kidney disease.
However, when kidney disease takes place, there must be damaged cells in the kidney, which Ketosteril can not repair. In addition, Ketosteril is a kind of western medicine, which will cause side effects or adverse effects more or less. Ketosteril may also lead to Hypercalcemia and disorder of amino acid metabolism.
Considering these, we recommend you Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy  for the treatment of kidney failure instead of it, the combination of which can achieve better effects.
Micro-Chinese Medicine is abstracted from herbs from nature, which can promote the blood circulation and dissolve the blood stasis and discharge the toxins out of the body. Then, it can also repair the damaged cells in the kidney for it contains active herbs which can supply nutrition.
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